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Testing and Re-take policy: Home study tests may be taken two times at no extra charge. There is a $25 charge for each try after that. Passing score is 70% or above.

SEMINAR ATTENDANCE and CE CREDITS: This provider is guided by the state and national massage rules and laws but considers full attendance to be a requisite for full CE credit. If a therapist arrives late or leaves early or misses any time during the presentation, that time will be removed from the credit given at the end of the seminar. (Unless stated differently by your state board; it may be possible that a state has an all or nothing policy)

In the event that make-up time is granted by the provider and/or state board, there is an additional teaching fee of $75 for any amount of time up to 1 hour. Additional time over the hour adds another $75 teaching fee up to the end of a second hour. There is a two hour limit if make-up time is granted. 

Make-up time will not occur during the break times or lunch since this monopolizes the time available for other attending therapists to interact with providers. 

Therapists signing up for seminars that have FREE home studies promoted within a seminar product must be paid in full and attend the seminar to receive CE credits for the FREE home study portion.

Security: Student information is securely stored in our computer files and on a second backup storage system.

 Privacy: S.O.M. Therapy and Associates does not sell, trade, or otherwise share personal information, such as names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone numbers, buying history, grades, or certificates unless requested by the student, or their state board or professional organization for maintaining licensure or certification, or where a legal enforcement exists.  If you have further questions about our privacy policy please e-mail us at

 Refunds for Home Study and other non seminar items: refunds are available only where damage or inability to use CE products is due to the fault of S.O.M. Therapy and Associates, Inc.

S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc. is not liable for faulty orders due to purchaser's misuse, misreading, and/or misunderstanding of information and/or instructions on the website or within course materials. Examples of site misuse are: adding too many orders to the cart without removing them prior to submitting the order; ordering the wrong course for the purchaser's needs; problems due to purchaser's computer and/or website inexperience or knowledge; problems occurring from unread portions and/or misinterpretation of website or any instructional documents relating to orders; and change-of-mind. S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc. is also not responsible for email communications that are rejected by the purchaser's email server.

Seminar and Home Study discounts are honored at the time of purchase, only, and within deadline date offered. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS ON DOWNLOADABLE BOOKS OR  DISCOUNTED ITEMS.

 To apply for a qualified refund or credit on non-seminar items, written request must be submitted within 30 days of purchase.

Refunds on any items have a 90 day process period.

SEMINAR REFUNDS: Due to high costs of securing seminar venues that are non-refundable to the CE provider and the amount of time the provider invests once an attendee has signed up for a CE event, seminar refunds are not available. 

Receipts: Confirmation receipts are printable at the time of order when paying online. A download of seminar prep sheet may also be offered for download at this time. RE: CHECKS AND MONEY ORDERS - WE DO NOT ACCEPT PAYMENT BY REGULAR MAIL. For unusual circumstances we may accept cash at the door but arrangements must be made ahead of time for this. 

 Handicap Needs: S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc. ensures reasonable accommodations for handicapped seminar participants, except where it would cause undue burden. Special needs students are asked to notify us ahead of time, in writing, as to what special accommodations will be necessary for their participation in our seminars, or for taking our home studies.

 Civil Rights: S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc. complies with Title VII of the Civil Rights Act. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, or national origin.

FEES FOR ADDITIONAL COPIES: When you take a seminar or complete a home study with S.O.M. Therapy & Associates, Inc, you receive a free email copy of your certificate(s). Seminar attendees also receive an additional free hard copy on the final day of their seminar. In addition to these, therapists receive a free official grade transcript listing all courses they've taken with us that is updated each time they complete another course with us.

Once these documents have been received by the therapist, whether emailed or hand-distributed at a seminar, a request for copies must be made by email at the cost of $25.00 per request. An additional $25.00 fee is required when research for files is needed beyond a 4-year period. These fees must be paid to begin process.

Payment Methods: Due to so many months on-the-road for seminars, lectures, and course research, we cannot accept checks or money orders - or any type of snail mail. Our banking set-up does not allow for paper deposits. Best way to purchase your seminar or home study is on our website but as long as we are not overseas, we can process your order by phone using a Visa, MasterCard or Discover Card. Sorry, we do not accept American Express.

If you do not have one of these cards, your bank can supply you with a temporary one for the exact amount you need for your purchase, plus a small processing fee.

We also accept above mentioned credit card payments from friends or family members on your behalf - they should put their name, etc. in the billing information portion of the order and your name and address in the "shipping to" portion, even though there is no physical shipping taking place. They will need your massage therapy license number, your phone number and your email address to complete the order. At the end of the purchase a receipt and download of the home study is offered (or seminar prep sheet, whichever you are purchasing). They can download it to their computer and email it to you as an attachment, or give you the receipt information so that you can go online and download it, yourself.

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