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S.O.M. Therapy’s “Therapists’ Corner” is where therapists can share with their peers about interests they are involved with outside of their field or as an adjunct to it.

Some place to check out the next time you are in SW Missouri. The Persimmon Tree is a unique shop in Historic Downtown Ozark, Missouri. Their passion is to bring wonderful lines of gifts, decor, jewelry, clothing, antiques and much more to their customers! Many of their offerings are handmade by skilled Artisans. Follow the link above to their face book page.



File this under "Places to visit when you are in Lake Worth, Florida." Beresford Manor is a gift shop at 519 Lake Ave in Lake Worth Florida that you can get lost in for an hour. There are so many little details to look at. The uniqueness is that everything is from Europe with a bit more attention paid to products from France. A special bonus is that is smells so great in there and different in each part of the store; teas, soaps, and lotions. Here's a few pictures and then check out their facebook page because they do not maintain a web page. 



Kathy Rojak is a long time resident of Ormond Beach and a good friend of SOM Therapy who owns the Ormond Beach Olive Oil Company. Olive oil is not the only thing for sale on their website but you will be amazed at the selection of oils. Check out her website 

There are also great suggestions for pairing oils with food and delicious recipes to salivate over. Take a look and let us know what you think.


It's been a while since we added anyone to "The Corner" and we should have done this a long time ago. Our friend  and long time supporter of S.O.M. Therapy’s continuing education classes in Georgia, Wendell Keiger is getting his profile posted here. Here is a little bit about him from his real estate page (link below).

Being raised in the south (Charleston, S.C.) it was only natural for me to fall in love with and move to Cherokee County, Georgia after living in Central Florida for 10 years. I have been a Licensed Massage Therapist since 1998, working in salons and with cancer patients with lymphedema for a radiation oncology group.  Satisfaction from helping people coupled with a love for looking at houses led me to become a real estate agent in Florida and now in Georgia where my wife, 4 daughters, 2 dogs, and I live.  No matter what your real estate needs I look forward to working with you! 

We are happy to profile him and recommend him to anyone interested in Canton, Ga or any of the North Atlanta area.

You can also see what he is up to on Facebook at this link.

Check it out and be sure to like his page! 

It is in all our best interest to support one another.



Our first Therapist Corner contributor is Wendy Orth, LMT in Jacksonville, FL. Wendy’s contribution to our Therapist’s Corner is her dad, Jack Orth, author.

Jack has written the Happy Days series for children and The Memory Bank for the rest of us. As we traveled from seminar to seminar, one of us would read while the other was driving. The miles flew by because we were so engrossed in Jack’s book, The Memory Bank . In it Jack recounts events from his early youth through his experiences in the Korean War and finishes with… well you’ll have to read it to find that out. We loved the book and think you will too. Don’t take our word for it, read the reviews on

Now, even more important and exciting is his 3-book series for children called “Happy Days” and not a moment too soon, with the winter holidays upon us.

  • I can't wait to give this series to my niece at Christmas. She is three and a half, and if she is still too young to read them herself, she is not too young to love having them read to her and to enjoy the fabulous illustrations. I know she will love all the animals- she loves any and all animals and there is a quite a variety of them in Happy Days. Also it is a good time for her to start learning the life lessons about friendship, kindness, empathy, and sharing. I am a huge fan of Happy Days, and I know my niece Paloma will be, too! I am just very glad there are three in the series. I wish there were more

  • As a veteran 36-year elementary school teacher, I have read many, many children's books. What is remarkable to me about Jack's books is how he incorporates so many subjects into his short stories.

  • I often volunteer to read stories to children at my local library and a daycare center near my home. The response to "Happy Days" has been overwhelmingly positive. The kids just adore the many animal characters with their wonderful names, and, of course, the creative illustrations that make the stories even more enjoyable. After reading a page, I hold up the book, and everyone crowds in to look and laugh. What is so great about "Happy Days" is the positive feelings the stories promote. You can't help but smile when reading them or hearing them. They are entertaining tales about generosity, sharing, compassion, and friendship that can go a long way in teaching kids without any lecturing. I am a firm believer in "Happy Days", and can only hope that there will be a "Happy Days 4" in the near future.

Read some of the reviews on Amazon.

Click this link to read a personal message from Jack.

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